About Arrow J Outfitters

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Arrow J Outfitters is a small, family owned and operated hunting operation in Northwest Colorado’s unit 3 on private land acres on the Little Snake River in between Baggs, Wyoming ans Craig, Colorado.

We offer limited deer, elk, and combo hunts!

Arrow J Outfitters is licensed, bonded, and insured
Colorado Outfitter #2974

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  1. Interested in elk or mule deer hunt this fall. Can you give me a sense of your pricing? There would be total of 3 hunters.

    1. Hi Glenn,

      Fourth season elk Hunting is all we have left for 2017 which is $4500 for a five day hunt that includes guiding, meals, & lodging.

      If you would like the camp to yourself for the season we need a group of 5 and can do a rate of $4400 per person.

      Have a great evening!

      1. Dessa,

        Thank you for your reply. Not familiar with the fourth season elk hunt. Can you give me some details on weather conditions and success rate for this time period??



      2. Hi Glenn!

        Fourth season can be quite a bit colder, as cold as 0 in the morning and warm up to around 30. Some years there is snow and quite a bit, some it’s bare. The good news is the colder, snowier weather makes for great Elk hunting because the animals move down from the high country and seek refuge in areas like the south slopes of where our ranch is located.

        My husband Brett can fill you in all the details of what each season’s experience will be like for your group.

        Our home number is 970-878-9932 and his cell is 970-756-5408.

        Where are you located? Just curious? Fun to meet folks from all over!

        Hope to talk to you soon,

  2. Hey guys ! I randomly met Brett in meeker on Sunday night. I had an OTC elk tag in my pocket and only a day left to hunt- my self guided elk adventure was kicking my butt!
    Brett, a complete stranger to me, saw I was down on my luck, and all his archery hunters had tagged out already, so he offered to meet me at 5AM the next morning and take me to some of his secret public land spots in the unit I was hunting! He didn’t ask for any money, and was only happy to get the chance to take one more guy out hunting for the season!
    Glad there’s still some honest, hunt loving guides out there! Thanks again and good luck in rifle season!

    1. Hi Joe!
      Wow, thank you for these kind words! Brett came home that evening and said he was getting up really early to meet some guys he met. He has so much going on I thought he was nuts- it was so heartwarming to read these words from you, they really speak to how great of a man Brett is.
      Thank you!
      Dessa, the wife 😉

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